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  1. Couples - Your membership on FetSwing is FREE but, you must have a profile photo as a couple
  2. Females - Your Membership on FetSwing is FREE but, You must have a photo of yourself as a female
  3. Life is too short to get hung up on worrying about the best alternative sexual lifestyle. ✅Don't be judgemental ✅Don't be prejudice ✅Love instead of hate!
  4. FetSwing Welcomes All 🔞 18+ (Legal) Kinks. A person, couple, or group that does not define their role, maybe a swinger with kinks or a kinky swinger.
  5. Minimum Age is 🔞18 Years Old🔞
  6. 💃 FetSwingers are not involved in the debate of what is better. The swinger or fetish community? We love them both! Life is too short to get hung up on worrying about the best alternative sexual lifestyle.
  7. This site is currently 100% Free! Please Be Nice, Respectful, and over 18 years old.
  8. Profile pictures can not contain nudity. Media files may contain nudity as mandated by Apple and Android.

FetSwing - World's Only Fetish and Swing Lifestyle Community

 Welcome to FetSwing.com and FetSwing.org!

I am Gary J. Jones (fbcouple), the developer and creator of a number of adult sites including FetSwing | Swinger-PS-Film.Global FetSwing | FetSwing.chat | Adultjobs.xxx | PSFilm.fan | P-S-Network.com and I would personally like to welcome you to our community. I developed FetSwing to provide a lifestyle platform for swing, fetish, and all sexual kinks. Regardless of your 18+ legal sexual preferences, you are welcome here. 

My partner, Naughtya, and I are active on FetSwing and are happy to answer any questions, concerns, or issues concerning the FetSwing lifestyle or site functionality.

FetSwing has a reputation for throwing awesome parties! We have had parties in FL, GA, NV, MS and are planning events in many more cities worldwide. We look forward to meeting you at a FetSwing World Tour Event!

Here at FetSwing, we are your guides to everything kinky, fetish, and anything considered "outside the box". No matter the desire, passion, question, concern, or curiosity, we’ve got you covered.

FetSwing has singles, couples, troubles, and more and they include every sexual orientation and gender one can identify as. No matter what your kink or fetish - we have you covered. (18+ years old) You may be looking for a single erotic encounter, or you could be looking for regular meet-ups. We have members in almost every country all over the world and we hope to satisfy all your erotic curiosities and fantasies. Our content is tailored to help you explore your deepest passions, and grow with your sexual desires.

FetSwing is secure while also being informative and entertaining. Privacy and security are our top priority at FetSwing, so trust us when we say your journey with us is secure and confidential. We believe that FetSwing offers a safe environment for you to reach out and connect with the peace of mind with other like-minded individuals.

We follow the strictest data protection protocols to ensure your freedom to explore and connect. Our team is all about providing excellent levels of service to our valued members. We continually listen to our members, no matter what the concern, question, or comment.

We actively participate in the FetSwing community and respond to members' questions. We are always striving to continually improve and that is where you come in. Let us know if there is a feature you are wanting, a suggestion for improvement, a site feature you love, or your overall experience on the site, and we’ll do our very best to provide optimal changes.

Join FetSwing and its open-minded community today, and become part of a new revolution in sexuality! Find local members in your area fast with our vast database of real couples and singles looking for someone just like you. We hope you enjoy your journey with us!